5 Symptoms of Liver Damage

Liver is one among the foremost vital organs in your body. It performs several functions as well as detoxification of your blood and, breakdown and assimilation of nutrients. Without it, your body cannot operate.

Liver injury typically goes unremarked till it’s within the advanced stages. The condition may be caused by variety of things like biological science, poisoning, excess alcohol intake or long run illness.

Understanding the symptoms of liver injury will assist you get diagnosed and treated early. 5 of the common symptoms to seem out for embrace the subsequent.

Swollen abdominal space
Most people can associate a swollen abdomen with blubber or gestation. However, it would even be associate indicator of pathology.

This is a condition characterised by fluid buildup inside the abdominal space. pathology is understood to be caused by a broken liver.

Common causes the condition ar alcoholic liver liver disease, cancer of the liver.

Besides a swollen abdominal space, patients laid low with pathology will expertise swelling of the legs.

Treatment of this condition includes reduction of atomic number 11 intake within the diet and administration of diuretics. If left untreated, liver transplant may be necessary.


Jaundice is one among the best ways that of police investigation liver injury. This condition is characterised by yellowing of the skin and also the whites of your eyes.

This condition happens once the liver isn’t ready to effectively take away animal pigment (bile) from red blood cells. Treating jaundice needs diagnosing and treatment of the underlying disease.

Pain in higher right abdominal space

Pain within the higher right abdominal space may be associate indicator of associate inflamed liver. Liver inflammation is caused by variety of conditions as well as hepatitis, liver disease and pathology.

In some instances, taking pain medication may offer some temporary relief. However, over the counter medication may not treat the underlying reason for the inflammation.

In addition, some over the counter medication will contribute to the event of liver injury.

Change in excrement and stool color
The color of excrement and stool may modification each once during a whereas reckoning on what you eat and drink.

However, if your excrement turns a yellow and stool becomes lighter and remains that approach for a protracted time, you would possibly have disease.

One of the first functions of the liver is that the breakdown of animal pigment and facilitating its removal from the body through stool. Stool gets its brown hue from animal pigment.

In the case wherever the liver is unable to breakdown animal pigment, it passes on to the kidneys and is excreted in excrement. This turns excrement dark yellow whereas stool loses its dark brown color.

Chronic fatigue

One of the foremost common symptoms of liver injury is constant fatigue and muscle weakness. It may also indicate that the injury is within the advanced stages.

One of the functions of the liver is that the storage and breakdown of aldohexose that fuels the body’s cells.

A broken liver cannot effectively unleash aldohexose that’s required for the body’s energy necessities.

As such, patients with liver injury can expertise chronic fatigue and in serious cases, it will result in disarray and even coma.

Liver injury may be characterised by variety of symptoms. If detected early, the condition may be managed and treated.

It’s thus vital that you just see a medical man if you expertise any of those symptoms.